BUFFERSOL is a revolutionary, concentrated liquid product engineered to attack, penetrate and remove deposits such as traces of lead, aromatic hydrocarbons, chloride compounds and sulfide compounds from zinc–silicate coated tank surfaces and articles.

Furthermore, is Buffersol formulated with specific acids and corrosion inhibitors, pH buffered to efficiently bind and neutralize strong acid and al- kaline compounds in extreme cleaning conditions.

  • Effectively removes lead, hydrocarbon, chloride and sulfide deposits from zinc–silicate coated tanks and articles.
  • Prevents, maintains and protects from corrosion.
  • Acts quickly and thoroughly.
  • No known effect on rubber and plastic com- pounds.
  • Non–flammable, non–corrosive and non–toxic.
  • A water soluble product that may be used with a wide range of other products.
  • May be safely used on all common metal surfac- es and their alloys, whether painted, varnished or not.
  • pH buffered, thus acting as a neutralizing agent
  • in acidic or alkaline environments.

  • Cost effective, easy to handle and apply.
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