Preload 300

Preload 300

PRELOAD 300 is a revolutionary water based coating, engineered to leave a thin, temporary film on cargo hold surfaces. It is a highly effective product, formulated with specific water–based solvents and special inert additive compounds, that, when applied to cargo holds and left to dry, create a thin, homogeneous and temporary film, that will protect all cargo hold surfaces from the different types of cargo loaded.
The main advantage of PRELOAD 300 is that it forms a water soluble cargo hold barrier that can be removed very easily, even with the use of cold sea water.
It can be used for vessels carrying cargoes such as cement, sulphur, salt, petcoke, coal and concen- trates.

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  • It protects metal against corrosive cargoes.
  • Water based barrier solution – easily removed with the use of water.
  • Our Hold Block is Odorless, non–toxic, non–oxidizing, non–corrosive and non–flammable.
  • Forms a thin, protective and temporary film.
  • Can safely be used on all metal surfaces and metal alloys.
  • No effects on rubber, plastic compounds and on all coatings.
  • Protects paint against cargo penetration.
  • Complies with all environmental regulations.
  • Cost effective, simple to apply and use.
  • “We have found Marichem Hold Block product PRELOAD 300 as very effective”

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