Water Jet Gun

Water Jet Gun

Water Jet Gun mounted in tripod, uses sea water from vessel’s fire lines in combination with compressed air. The use of water along with air generates a compressed jet of water reaching up-to 35-40 meters. Used for rinsing cargo residues from holds of all sizes cargo vessels and bulk carriers. Water Jet Gun is manufactured from Aluminum, mounted on a tripod, making it easy to use, easy to transport and maintenance free. Cleaning kit vessel is available for immediate supply.

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Air Supply

Max. 7 kg/cm2 (100 psi)

Water Pressure

Max. 6 kg/cm2 (84 psi)

Range (at above pressures)

35-40 mtrs

Air Consumption (approx.)

1.6m3 /min

Water Hose size


Air Hose


Water Hose Coupling

2” Storz type ‘C’ x 2” Hose Shank

Air hose Coupling

Universal – claw type


25 kgs

Dimension (packed)

145 x 60 x 20

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